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Business4Life was a company founded by the Advertising Association. The company was formed on the August 29 2008. According to its website it is 'a coalition of companies representing the food and drink, retail, media, advertising, fitness and health industries, which are partnering with Government to support its Change4Life movement.' Baroness Peta Buscombe is Chair of the steering group of companies. [1]

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This groups is not the same as:

"Business4Life (B4L) is a scheme that gives young professionals the opportunity to develop their management skills and raise money for charity.

"The initiative, run by Wessex Water, challenges a small team of individuals from various backgrounds to manage a business.

"This year's team has been set the target to raise £40,000 for WaterAid.

"Developing new skills is a key incentive to the early stages of B4L. Hands-on training gives an ideal platform for a young group to set up a ‘mini business’ and to gain experience that can benefit their personal development, their employer and of course, WaterAid!

"The B4L 2011/2012 includes staff from Wessex Water and other companies in the region such as Mildren, Halcrow, Trant, Nomenca, ATS, and GPS. " [1]


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