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C. Dennis Durden was Vice President of R.J. Reynolds Industries circa 1984, and was on the Tobacco Institute Communications committee. He was very aggressive in trying to fight the declining social acceptability of smoking in the late 1970s to early 1980s.


Dennis Durden was Director of R.J. Reynolds Corporate Public Affairs circa 1975, Director of the Public Affairs Council circa 1977, Vice President of R.J. Reynolds Industries in 1984. He served on the Communications Committee for the Tobacco Institute circa 1977 while an R.J. Reynolds employee.

Dennis Durden headed ICOSI's Social Acceptability Working Party (SAWP) circa 1977, which was charged with designing and implementing countermeasures to fight the declining social acceptability of smoking.

RJR's (and the global tobacco industry's) objective was to "Develop strategies to retard or reverse the trend [of decreasing social acceptability of smoking] where feasible and desired," and to "Identify and recommend more effective counter-measures for retarding and reversing the trend toward smoking being regarded as socially unacceptable behavior."[1]

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