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Camp Peary ("The Farm"), also known as the Camp Peary Naval Reservation, located near Williamsburg and bordered by the York River in York County, Virginia, is widely alleged to be a CIA training facility.[1][2]

As of July 2005, Camp Peary was "a sister site to the CIA's facility at Harvey Point, NC." [3]

Landings by civil-registered aircraft

Flight records accessed in June 2006 show that Tepper Aviation's N2189M is a regular visitor to the facility.[4] That aircraft has been previously alleged to have been involved in extraordinary rendition.[5]

Aviation Worldwide Services' N964BW also visited Camp Peary on at least two occasions in the first half of 2006.[6] And N962BW, registered to Presidential Airways, Inc., flew there in May of that year.[7] Both companies operate the aviation contracting arm of Blackwater USA, a well-known private military corporation.

N208DG and N22889 are two less well-known civil-registered aircraft that have also visited the site.[8][9]

N46F, which belongs to Hunt Consolidated, Inc., visited Camp Peary in late November 2006.[10] Hunt Consolidated, Inc. is the parent company of Hunt Oil Company.


Camp Peary was "originally established on the banks of the York River in 1942 as a training camp for Navy SeaBees, and later included a Prisoner of War camp." "At some point following WW2, the property was transferred from the Navy to the Central Intelligence Agency, which made Camp Peary its field operations training site." [11]

The facility, which occupies "about 9,275 acres of land" in a "wooded area enclosed with chain-link fences, barbed wire, guards and 'No Trespassing' signs, has been an enigma along Interstate 64" since it opened January 22, 1952. [12]

In 1994, it was believed to be a Department of Defense "training facility for covert operations." [13]

Location Directions

Camp Peary is located just east of Route 143, the Camp Peary/Colonial Williamsburg exit (Exit 238) of Interstate 64.

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