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Cantox and its later manifestations Cantox Health Services Inc (part of the Intertek group) was co-founded by Ian C Munro, a close associate and business partner of George L Carlo who ran the science-for-sale group under the name of Health & Environmental Sciences Group and the Wireless Technology Research scam for the cellular mobile phone industry. (With Munro as his deputy).

Cantox was a only a small science-for-sale operation based in Ontario, Canada until about 1990 when Munro took it over as both Director and President. It later became Cantox Health Sciences and Intertek Cantox which were part of a larger group under the Intertek banner.

The obit of Munro (he died April 27 2011 in Ottawa, Ontario) says that he was "a founding shareholder and former president" of the company which was established in 1985. It further says that he led Cantox as President from 1990 to 2006 -- so Cantox appears not to have been totally controlled by him from the outset. It credits him as being the director of the university-based government funded Canadian Centre for Toxicology from 1983 to 1992, which is a two year overlap in dates.

Munro joined forces with George Carlo in February 1994 and became his deputy on the Wireless Technology Research scam run for the Cellular Telephone Industry Association (CTIA) while Carlo was also working for Philip Morris at this time. Munro's later associates were from the same group of tobacco scientists.