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Carl Teichrib "is a Canadian based researcher on the occult and globalization. During the years 2000 and 2001, he was Director of Research for Hope For The World, the ministry of Gary Kah, and continues to work closely with this organization." [1]

In 2005, the World Research Library announced the appointment of Carl Teichrib to the position of Senior Fellow. [2]


See the first edition of his newsletter - In this issue he notes: "Thankfully there are a number of Christian-oriented organizations and web projects seeking to inform others to the dangers and pitfalls associated with these paradigm shifts. The August Review (, headed by Pat Wood, is one such organization. Gary Kah’s Hope For The World ( is another, as is the website of Berit Kjos ( Each one of these organizations and sites contain valuable information and each tackle the issues from different angles and backgrounds."

"Forcing Change is a monthly online publication dedicated to documenting and analyzing the socio-religious transformations now sweeping our world. Owned by Globalization International, Forcing Change is a membership subscription service, with an annual fee of $120.00 US."

Globalization International/Forcing Change, P.O. Box 31, Plumas, Manitoba, R0J-1P0, Canada.

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