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Carroll Bogert "has been the Associate Director of Human Rights Watch since June 2003, overseeing the organization’s external relations and working alongside the Executive Director in managing a rapidly-growing international non-profit institution. She runs the communications department, publicizing the work of Human Rights Watch and drawing attention to human rights issues in more than 70 countries. She is also responsible for the Human Rights Watch website, which has more than 50,000 visitors per day.

"Ms. Bogert joined Human Rights Watch in January 1998 as Communications Director. She frequently publishes on op-ed pages, including the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Financial Times, USA Today, the Boston Globe, and the New Republic. Her commentaries have also aired on National Public Radio.

"Before joining Human Rights Watch, Ms. Bogert spent more than a decade in international news reporting. At the age of 23, after completing a master's degree in East Asian studies at Harvard in 1985, she became a stringer for the Washington Post in Beijing. She began working for Newsweek in 1986, covering the fall of Ferdinand Marcos in the Philippines and then returning to the magazine's Beijing bureau. The next year, as a staff reporter for the magazine, she joined Newsweek's Southeast Asia bureau in Hong Kong, covering Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Taiwan, and Tibet. She also returned to Beijing in 1989 for the Tiananmen Square democracy protests. She speaks fluent Mandarin Chinese.

"In 1988, Ms. Bogert joined the Moscow bureau of Newsweek, first as correspondent, then as bureau chief. She covered the coup of 1991, the collapse of the Soviet Union, the fall of Gorbachev and the rise of Yeltsin. She traveled widely in the region and directed a staff of more than a dozen people in Moscow and the former Soviet republics. She was also the vice-president of the Foreign Correspondents Association in Moscow. In 1991 Ms. Bogert published, with photographer Liu Heung-shing, the book "USSR: The Collapse of an Empire." She speaks fluent Russian.

"In 1993, Ms. Bogert returned to Newsweek headquarters in New York, where she served a stint as Acting Foreign Editor. In her last job at Newsweek, as International Correspondent, Ms. Bogert wrote on a wide array of foreign topics, traveling to Iran, Cuba, China, Hong Kong, the former Soviet states, and Western Europe. She also covered the United Nations.

"Ms. Bogert holds an M.A. in East Asian Studies and a B.A. magna cum laude from Harvard University, where she was president of the Student Council of the Center for International Affairs. Her B.A. thesis, on the politics of the anti-KMT opposition movement in Taiwan, received a summa cum laude and won a prize for the best undergraduate thesis on democracy. She was born in Chicago on October 16, 1961. She has two daughters and lives in New York City." [1]

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