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Biographical Information

"Cathy Pedevillano is a visionary, a healer, a teacher, a guide, a seeker, a lover of animals and nature and all that is good and beautiful on this sacred Earth. Cathy awakened to her shamanic path twenty-two years ago during a time of much intense personal and spiritual growth. The teachings and practices of shamanism accelerated her own healing journey and resonated with her at a deep soul level. Cathy was told by an Ecuadorian shaman that she was “born a shaman” meaning she came into this life with many of her gifts intact, and had been a shaman in other lives. She was born with a caul, a thin veil covering the body, which in some indigenous cultures is a mystical sign of psychic powers.

"In the early 1990’s, Cathy was a shamanic apprentice for three years with Jim and Sherry Husfelt’s “Spirit of the Warrior” training. During that time she worked with Salish shamans Vince and Mom Stogan, Lakota Elder Grandfather Wallace Black Elk, and shamans in Hawaii and Mexico. During this time, she was able to awaken to her own shamanic gifts and continue on her path of self-healing. She has also worked with Brooke Medicine Eagle and John Perkins. Cathy studied energy healing with Anamika Neitlich, Clearing Work with Suzanne Robinson and LuMarian Healing with Elizabeth Lawrence.

"Her clairvoyance and healing abilities have been recognized by Altan Erdeni, a Siberian Shaman and Anna Maria Perez, an Apache/Mayan/Aztec Medicine Woman. Cathy has received much wisdom from the teachings of native cultures but most of her guidance comes from her Higher Self, Spirit Guides and Mother Earth. Through her healing work, trainings, and workshops, Cathy assists more and more people in waking up to the truth of who they are and reclaiming their power. She is committed to sharing the teachings and practices of shamanism to help bring balance and healing to the world.

"Cathy began her professional life as a wildlife biologist, receiving a B.S. and M.S. in this field. She has worked as a wildlife biologist, wetlands scientist and environmental educator for a variety of state, federal, and private organizations such as the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, Massachusetts Audubon Society, and Northfield Mountain. She has also taught outdoor leadership and teambuilding programs to children and adults. Cathy worked as a consultant for the Sacred Earth Network (SEN), a nonprofit environmental organization, for eleven years. At SEN, she has coordinated several exchanges of indigenous people from Siberia and the U.S., initiated a project to help save endangered snow leopards in Eurasia, and co-created and co-leads a workshop called “Healing Self, Healing Earth” which combines deep ecology and shamanism. Cathy is also a trained facilitator of “Council of All Beings” workshops and has worked with Deep Ecologists Joanna Macy and John Seed."[1]


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