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The Center for Democracy and Election Management (CDEM) "at American University was established in September 2002 to educate and train undergraduate and graduate students and mid-career professionals in the management of elections and best democratic practices." [1]

Examples of work

In the U.S.:

In the 2006 midterm elections, CDEM observed the effect of the Voter ID law in Indiana, one of the few states that require a photo ID for voting. Arizona, Georgia, and Missouri also have such a law. Federal courts ruled against these laws in Georgia and Missouri. [1]


In 2007, CDEM observed the Nigerian presidential election. Many Nigerian as well as international groups observed the election, including groups such as International Republican Institute which is loosely affiliated with the Republican Party and funded mainly by the U.S. government. CDEM reports, "The Nigerian elections were observed by hundreds of domestic groups, led by the Transition Monitoring Group (TMG) and the Alliance for Credible Elections (ACE), representing more than 50,000 volunteers, and many international delegations, including the European Union, the International Republican Institute, the National Democratic Institute for International Affairs. CDEM Director, Dr. Robert A. Pastor and CDEM Senior Fellow, Dr. Patrick Ukata were invited to advise the TMG and ACE and serve as liaison with international groups." [2]



Faculty Advisory Committee



Contact details

3201 New Mexico Avenue, NW
Suite 265
Washington, DC 20016-8026
Phone: (202) 885-1524
Fax: (202) 885-1366
Email: cdem AT

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