Center for Freedom in the Middle East

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The Center for Freedom in the Middle East

"Nir Boms is the Vice President of the Center for Freedom in the Middle East based in Washington. The Center was founded in 2004 following the "American Middle East Convention for Freedom and Democracy" with the participation of 40 organizations, religious representatives, ethnic groups and intellectuals from the Middle East who see political change and democratization as the key to promoting stability and development in the Middle East." [1]

Signatory of Human Rights letter

The Center was represented by Nir Boms on September 23-25, 2004 at the Marriott Hotel, Muehlequai 42, 8006 Zurich, Switzerland for the 1st International Symposium on the Egyptian Copts: A Minority Under Siege. [2]

"The Symposium will address the severe oppression of Christian minorities in the Middle East, especially in Egypt, and will develop new strategies for the prevention of cultural and religious extinction and for the reinstatement of their internationally recognized human and religious rights.
"The Symposium is hosted by Eng. Adly Abadir Youssef (Chairman), and is sponsored by Christian Solidarity International, Switzerland, The Coalition for the Defense of Human Rights, USA, and The Jubilee Campaign, UK.
"Speakers appearing at the Symposium are: Dr Daniel Pipes, Middle East Forum, USA; Youssef Sidhom, Watani, Egypt; Michael Meunier, US Copts Association, USA; Eng. Mohamed Sami el Behiri, Free Muslim Coalition against Terrorism, USA; Nir Boms, Center for Freedom in the Middle East, USA; Nadia Ghaly, Coptic Broadcaster, Australia; Eng. Adel Guindy, Coptic Writer, France; Kurt Johansen, SAT7, Denmark; David Littman, NGO Rep., UN, Switzerland; Paul Marshall, Freedom House, USA; Fr Bassily Pigol, Coptic Theologian, Germany; Fr Keith Roderick, Coalition for the Defense of Human Rights, USA; Nabil Sharaf El Deen, Journalist, Egypt; Rev Hans Stueckelberger, CSI, Switzerland; William Wissa, Egyptian Journalist, France; Wilfred Wong, Jubilee Campaign, UK; Miland Iskander, President of Coptic Union of California, USA; Dr med. Ibrahim Habib, UK; Prof. Dr Fouad Ibrahim, Germany." [3]


529 14th Street, NW, Washington, DC 20045