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"The Center for Human-Earth Restoration actually started in 2010 as the neophyte idea of Ross and Randy who both realized a great human need for ways to reconnect with nature and renew inner spirits. They met attending classes at the Center for Imagination, Education and the Natural World located in Wittsett, NC under the guidance of Carolyn Toben and Peggy Whalen-Levitt. There they both became captivated with the messages of Thomas Berry and both felt the need to share these messages with others. Having taught in their respective areas, they immediately began formulating the first program called CORES (Character Growth Through Observation, Restoration Ecology and Scientific Principles) and formed a partnership with the Triangle Land Conservancy (TLC) which has proven effective through its pilot program with Exploris Middle School located in Wake County. CORES provided 68 eighth graders with weekly field trips to a TLC site where over 70 garbage bags of Japanese honeysuckle were removed to release the native spring wildflowers in the floodplain." [1]


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