Center for Jewish Studies

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Center for Jewish Studies

In 1999 Marc H. Ellis "founded Baylor University's Center for American and Jewish Studies. In 2006, the Center was renamed The Center for Jewish Studies." [1]

Advisory Board

Accessed May 2008: [2]

  • Charles S. Evans - University Professor of Philosophy and Humanities
  • W. Hulitt Gloer - Visiting Professor of Law and Professor of Preaching and Christian Scriptures, Truett Seminary
  • Ling E. Ngan - Associate Professor of Christian Scriptures
  • Derek Davis - Professor and Chair of Church-State Studies and Director for Dawson Institute of Church-State Studies
  • James L. Lyon - Ex-Officios, Dean of the Graduate School and Professor of Sociology
  • Lee C. Nordt - Ex-Officios, Associate Professor of Geology and Associate Dean for Sciences, College of Arts and Sciences



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