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The Center for Social Justice "emphasizes multi-issue movement-building through collaboration with and support of progressive movements working for social justice. CSJ is an extension of CSJ staff and Board of Director’s combined social justice work over the last 20 years." [1]

They sponsor the group, Reclaim the Media.


"The Center for Social Justice began as a project of Jam for Justice, a Washington State 501c3 non-profit, in 2000. CSJ was created when momentum was growing for analyzing opportunities to change the criminal justice system. Through network building and strategic organizing around issues such as criminal justice, CSJ began by promoting cooperation, collaboration and mobilization on a decentralized and non-hierarchical basis for community based social change. CSJ has worked with numerous organizations over the years, and has been integral in bringing Washington State to the leading edge in broad-based, community-led, movement-building.

"CSJ believes that by working together, increasing collaboration, and sharing tools, the effectiveness of each individual and organization will be improved. CSJ has launched projects utilizing this model to facilitate collaborative working groups concerning specific social justice issues. In it's work, CSJ seeks to expand the outreach, agenda, and effectiveness of each individual, and strengthen combined efforts.

"Due to the explosive growth of the judicial and law enforcement budgets in King County, the King County Council appointed an influential panel of 11 people to study alternatives to current policy and budget priorities in 2003. CSJ board member, Sharon Maeda, was invited to serve on the Commission." [2]


Accessed January 2008. [3]



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