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Mitretek Systems identifies itself as "a non-profit scientific research and system engineering organization that works exclusively on behalf of the American people." Among other projects, it runs the Center for State Homeland Security.

Mitretek "conducts basic and applied research and undertakes systems engineering analyses to create scientific knowledge and technological solutions that strengthen the nation and benefit the public in the areas of criminal justice, environment, health, safety, energy, homeland security and counter-terrorism, space, transportation, and telecommunications."

Mitretek distinguishes itself "from other scientific research and engineering companies" based on its "position of complete independence and objectivity." It "refrains from establishing alliances for commercial purposes or competing with vendors," which frees it from "organizational conflict of interest," which, among other claims, allows Mitretek to "advise clients on technology products and services without even the appearance of bias or predilection for a particular solution."

Non-Profit Research Organization or Another Government "think tank"?

Mitretek states that its "main areas of influence are in the government." However, Mitretek says that it "also provides technological support" to the public sector in the areas of "health care, environment, biotechnology, energy, information services, law enforcement, telecommunications and transportation."

In its somewhat convoluted "History", Mitretek links its origin to The MITRE Corporation. MITRE was itself spun off from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) MIT Lincoln Laboratory which began in the 1950s as the Lincoln Project at MIT. The Lincoln Laboratory was created to develop ground radar air defense systems for the United States. The MITRE Corporation was established as the "system engineer and overseer for the development of this highly complex system."

With the desire to focus more attention on its DOD/FAA FFRDC components, MITRE elected to divide its defense and non-defense operations, and thus Mitretek Systems was formed as an independent organization unrelated to The MITRE Corporation in January, 1996. Mitretek works in information and telecommunications technologies in support of government activities and also performs leading-edge work in the health care and environmental areas.

The separation of the "non-defense" Mitretek Systems from the "defense" MITRE Corporation as "independent and unrelated organizations" is emphasized twice within the organization's "History". Close examination of the highly detailed Mitretek web site will find the organization's operation anything but simple and basic.

Mitretek's Role in Homeland Security

Mitretek states that: "In the decades before America's war on terrorism and the events that triggered it, Mitretek professionals have focused on America's vulnerability to terrorist attacks. Our concern: developing solutions that enable federal, state and local officials to detect suspicious activities, respond to crises, and help with investigations."

Mitretek states that, "Among the security-related efforts Mitretek has supported and continues to advance are: Biometric database systems that help identify individuals sought by the federal government; Automation and integration of health indicator data to reveal attacks on the nation's health or agriculture; Critical infrastructure protection; Information-sharing and analysis systems for linking national and local, private and public sector entities; Emergency response and preparedness planning; Chemical weapons disabling methodologies."

As a result of its expertise, "as America defines its homeland security mission, Mitretek is able to contribute uniquely extensive, applied experience to developing integrated, broad-based solutions."

Mitretek "Qualifications and Experience" for Homeland Security

Mitretek details its exact "Corporate Characteristics and Experience" under numerous headings -- "familiarity with Federal, state, and local government operations"; "national public safety systems"; "threat analysis"; "weapons of mass destruction (WMD)"; "biomedical defense and risk assessment"; "cyber security"; "information and communications infrastructure"; and "emergency response and disaster preparedness.". Identified on Mitrotek's web site as the Center for State Homeland Security, the organization clearly appears to be much more with its "Business Areas," "Services and Tools," "Labs and Facilities," and more.

New Acquisition: Bristol Group Mitretek

The Mitretek home page boasts the recent acquisition of the Bristol Group, identified as "a healthcare management consulting firm." As a member of the non-profit Mitretek Systems, Bristol's function is to "listen to ... clients and help them identify and address their needs and priorities." Bristol claims "a unique combination of planning and management skills in three interrelated areas: Strategy and Alignment, Clinical Services, and Facilities." Who are Bristol's "clients"? They are identified as "organizations who deliver healthcare, including hospitals, multi-hospital systems, academic medical centers, physician organizations, and community-based providers."

Mitretek Board of Trustees

Professional Societies and Committees

The following are identified as Our People by Mitretek Systems:

Academy of Toxicological Sciences; American Association for the Advancement of Science; American Association of Anatomists; American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG); American Chemical Society; American College of Forensic Examiners; American College of Toxicology; American Geophysical Union (AGU) American Institute of Chemical Engineers; American Society for Cell Biology American Society for Microbiology; American Society for Reproductive Medicine (formerly American Fertility Society); American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM); American Society of Clinical Pathology; American Society of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics; Association for Computing Machinery (ACM); Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) Special Interest Group Communications; The Conference Board; Data Administration Management Association-National Capital Region; Department of Health and Human Services, Science Panel on Interactive Health Communication and Health; Environmental and Engineering Geophysical Society (EEGS); Federation of American Societies of Experimental Biology (FASEB); Geological Society of America (GSA); Government Subcommittee - X.12 Electronic Data Interchange Standards Committee; Gulf Coast Society of Toxicology; Health Education Subcommittee; Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE); IEEE Computer Society; IEEE Working Group on Incident Management; IEEE Working Group for Intelligent Transportation System Data Dictionary and Message Set Template; Institute of Food Technology; International Society of Parametric Analysts; International Society for the Study of Xenobiotics; Internet Health Consortium; Medical Technology Policy Committee; Microscopy Society of America; Mid Atlantic Reproduction and Teratology Association (MARTA); Mississippi Academy of Sciences; National Committee for Information Technology Standards(NCITS); Subcommittee L8 (Data Element Standardization); National Ground Water Association (NGWA); Northern Virginia Technology Council; Peer Review Committee, Environmental Protection Agency; National Health and Environmental Research Laboratory; New York Academy of Sciences; Regulatory Affairs Professional Society; Radio Technical Commission for Maritime Services; Risk Assessment and Toxicology-San Antonio (RATS); Sigma Xi; Society of Automotive Engineers, Map Database Committee; Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry (SETAC); Society for Risk Analysis; Society for the Study of Reproduction; Society of Toxicology; Standards Committee for Communication, Navigation and Surveillance; Teratology Society; U.S. Energy Association; U.S. Technical Advisory Group to ISO TC204 (Transport Information and Control Systems); and U.S. Working Advisory Group on Intelligent Transportation System Architecture; U.S. Working Party 7C, Subcommittee of the International Telecommunications Union; Washington Operations Management Science/Council.

Contact Information

Edna Davis
Public Communications Office
Mitretek Systems
3150 Fairview Park Drive
Falls Church, VA 22042-4519

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2003 Press Release Announcing the creation of the Center for State Homeland Security, accessed August 31, 2010.