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CRIAA SA-DC "is an association of development workers established in 1996 and acting on a non-profit basis. Its creation is the result of the restructuring of the French development NGO CRIAA, the Centre for Research-Information-Action for Development in Africa, at its Paris head office and Southern Africa country branches. CRIAA SA-DC has secured the continuation of CRIAA’s activities in the Region and has developed into an independent European-Southern African development and consultancy service. Its in-depth experience in the region and its ability to pull in specialists from a wide pool of expertise enable CRIAA SA-DC to undertake a variety of research and development services and, where appropriate, to organise multi-disciplinary consulting and project management teams." [1]

Associates, Donors & Partners

RIAA SA-DC’s past and present funders, clients, partners and associates: [2]

in Namibia and the World include:

  • BfN - Bundersamt fuer Naturschutz (German Federal Ministry for Nature Conservation)
  • Canada Fund for Local Initiatives
  • CARE Austria
  • COSDEC (Community Skills Development Centre) - Ondangwa
  • CRIAA - Centre for Research-Information-Action in Africa (France)
  • DANCED - Danish Co-operation for Environment and Development
  • DRFN - Desert Research Foundation of Namibia
  • DfID - Department for International Development (UK)
  • EC - European Commission
  • EC Food Aid Counterpart Funds (National Planning Commission / EC Delegation in Namibia)
  • Embassy of Finland
  • EWC - Eudafano Women Co-operative
  • FAO - UN Food and Agriculture Organisation
  • French Ministry for Co-operation and Development (Ministry of Foreign Affairs)
  • GRAIN - Genetic Resources Action International (Spain)
  • INDISCO Programme - International Labour Organisation (ILO)
  • IH/CEH - Institute of Hydrology / Centre for Ecology and Hydrology, Wallington (UK)
  • INTERMÓN (Spain)
  • IPALAC - International Programme for Arid Land Crops (Israel)
  • KWID - Khomas Women in Development
  • LFCU - Likwama Farmers’ Co-operative Union
  • Lux Development (Luxemburg)
  • MAWRD - Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Rural Development
  • MDA - Mineworkers’ Development Agency (South Africa)
  • MEPC - Minerals and Energy Policy Centre (South Africa)
  • MET - Ministry of Environment and Tourism
  • MHETEC - Ministry of Higher Education, Training and Employment Creation
  • MTI - Ministry of Trade and Industry
  • MWACW - Ministry of Women Affairs and Child Welfare
  • NAB - Namibian Agronomic Board
  • NAMDEB Social Fund
  • NBRI - National Botanical Research Institute (MAWRD)NNC - Nyae-Nyae Conservancy
  • NNF - Namibia Nature Foundation
  • NNFC - Northern Namibia Farmers’ Co-operative
  • NNFU - Namibia National Farmers’ Union
  • NRMP - Natural Resources Management Project / USAID (Botswana)
  • Office of the President / Department of Women Affairs
  • OFT - Ohangwena Forest Trust
  • OXFAM Belgium
  • OXFAM Canada
  • OXFAM UK & IrelandPact - Botswana
  • Permaculture Trust of Botswana
  • Polytechnic of Namibia
  • SAFIRE - Southern Alliance for Indigenous Resources (Zimbabwe)
  • SIDA - Swedish International Development Agency
  • Swedish Agricultural University (Uppsala)
  • The Gaia Foundation (UK)
  • Thusano Lefatsheng (Botswana)
  • University of Cologne (Germany)
  • University of Namibia
  • University of Pretoria (South Africa)
  • VPRD - Veld Product Research and Development (Botswana


Web: http://www.criaasadc.org

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