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"Charles Goldman's fields of interest include global studies of freshwater lakes with emphasis on biological, chemical and physical interactions between the surrounding watersheds and lakes. Particular emphasis has been on eutrophication of lakes, nutrient limiting factors, the impact of climate and weather, and the use and importance of long term data sets in environmental research utilizing nearly four decades of research on Castle Lake and Lake Tahoe in California. The most recent overseas research has been at Lake Baikal in Russia, where he has made seven expeditions. The core research has been directed towards a better understanding of lake processes and measures to preserve the water quality of lakes.

"He developed the first courses in limnology and oceanography at UCD, served as Chair of the Division of Environmental Studies from 1988-1992, and was founding Director of the Institute of Ecology, serving from 1966-1969 and again in 1990-92. Prior to his 40-year tenure at UC Davis, he earned Bachelor and Masters degrees from the University of Illinois and a Ph.D. in Limnology-Fisheries from the University of Michigan." [1]

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