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Cheryl Brolin Byrne is a public relations professional and expert in "crisis communications" who is current a Principal at the Communications Strategy Group, Inc. (CSG).[1] She is a former Senior Vice President and Partner (2001-2008) at V-Fluence, a public relations, government affairs and issues management strategic consulting group that holds a contract with the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA), having "provided online analysis, Internet monitoring, website evaluations (including Section 508 compliance), social media outreach support and NGO training to the Department of Energy’s national laboratories, the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office and the U.S. Department of State" since 2001, according to the firm's website.[2] V-Fluence uses "proprietary online data-mining and analytics" to "define and positively shape [clients'] online environment."[3] V-Fluence was one of 'O'Dwyer's PR's "Top 100 PR Firms" in 2007[4] and in their top 88 healthcare and medical PR firms in 2008.[5] Its clients "include the world's largest corporations and best-known brands, major trade and professional associations, respected non-profit groups, government agencies and leading academic institutions," according to its website.[6]


Brolin Byrne's biography at the CSG website says she worked on crisis communications for "a high-tech component manufacturer whose CEO and CFO were involved in a high-profile stock manipulation scheme." It goes on to say, "She was the public affairs director for the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) at the U.S. Department of Labor during the regulatory reform frenzy of the early '90s. OSHA was a participant in Vice-President Al Gore’s “Reinventing Government” initiative, and Cheryl’s media relations expertise helped OSHA gain national attention for a coveted 'Innovations in American Government Award.'[1]

"Cheryl was the assistant director of communications for Handgun Control, Inc., working on passage of both the landmark Brady Bill and the ban on assault weapons. Cheryl has served as a press secretary and spokesperson for Mayor Raymond L. Flynn of Boston and with the Clinton/Gore campaign in Massachusetts. She also provides pro-bono counsel to a number of women-owned businesses across the country.[1]


42 Front Street
Marblehead, MA 01945
Phone: 781-631-9369
Fax: 781-631-3278
Email: cherylbyrne at byrnecomm dot com


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