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Chet Tchozewski, "winner of the Council on Foundations 2004 Robert W. Scrivner Award for Creative Grantmaking, is a pioneer in international small grantmaking. Tchozewski is the founder and executive director of Global Greengrants Fund. The fund makes small grants (typically $500 to $5,000) to grassroots groups working around the world to help people protect the environment, live sustainably, preserve biodiversity and gain a voice in their own future. As their website says, "In a way, we are in the business of hope . . . . Who knows where the next great idea or environmental leader will emerge? Who knows what action will have the greatest impact? Like an incubator of positive change, we can be there at the beginning as great things begin to happen."

"While the fund is based in Boulder, Colorado, its staff and volunteer advisors worldwide direct its grantmaking. Since 2001, the fund has made more than 1,500 grants in 73 countries. Initially, the fund was established by Tchozewski as a project at the Tides Foundation in 1993.

"Tchozewski served as director of the Pacific Southwest regional office of Greenpeace in San Francisco from 1989 to 1992. He cofounded the Rocky Mountain Peace and Justice Center in 1983. From 1980 to 1983, he was a staff member of the Rocky Flats Project at the American Friends Service Committee, working on the Nuclear Freeze Campaign and disarmament. His first foray into activism was as a founding member of the Rocky Flats Truth Force in 1978. He lives in Boulder with his wife, Susan Carabello, and daughter Tian." [1]

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