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The China Center for Economic Research (CCER) "at Peking University was founded in August 1994.The CCER aims to institutionalize a new teaching and research model which will attract domestic and international resources and bring together a group of Chinese economists who received rigorous academic training in abroad. By doing so, we hope to make contributions to economic education and research at Peking University, foster economic reform and development in China, and contribute to the development of modern economic theory.

"As an institute of Peking University, the CCER adopted a director responsibility system under the supervision of the university and the Board of Directors. Professor Justin Yifu Lin is the executive director, and Professor Wen Hai is the senior deputy director." [1]

Partnership with Ogilvy and Mather

"Peking University's China Center for Economic Research and Ogilvy and Mather of Beijing recently reached an agreement to establish the "CCER-Ogilvy Branding Research Center" generously funded by the advertising company. Ogilvy and Mather is the largest advertising agency in the world, mainly specializing in advertisment design, brand research and customer management. In establishing the Branding Research Center (BRC) Ogilvy and Mather along with the CCER plan to include academic research, a newsletter, development case studies as well as seminars." [2]

"The CCER will be responsible for daily management of the BRC as well as related academic research activities. Initial research will be directed by Professors Wen Hai and Dayuan Hu, daily affairs and specific academic direction will be handled by Li Zhang." [3]


  • Ping Chen. Professor; BS, University of Science & Technology of China; Ph.D. in physics, University of Texas at Austin. Research & teaching: Macroeconomics, International Finance, Corporate Finance, and Econometrics.
  • Wen Hai. Professor, Deputy Director of CCER; BA, Peking University; Ph.D., University of California, Davis. Research & teaching: International Trade, Economic Principle and Development Economics.
  • Dayuan Hu. Associate Professor, Director of Graduate Studies; BA, China Renmin University; Ph.D., University of Kentucky. Research & teaching: Resource and Environmental Economics, Regional Economics, and Applied Econometrics.
  • Fuchun Jin. Associate Professor?BA, University of Science & Technology of China; MA, Nankai University; Ph.D., Ohio State University. Research & teaching: Macroeconomics, Monetary Economics.
  • Neng Liang. Academic Director of BiMBA, Associate Professor at Loyola College, Baltimore, USA; MBA, University of Pennsylvania(Wharton); Ph.D. in management, Indiana University. Research & teaching: International Business, Global Policy Strategy, and Marketing.
  • Justin Yifu Lin. Professor, Director of CCER; MBA, National Chengchi University, Taipei; MA, Peking University; Ph.D., University of Chicago. Research & teaching: Agricultural Economics, Development Economics, and Economic Reform in China.
  • Chunlin Liu. Associate Professor; BS and MS, China Agricultural University, 1986 and 1989; Ph.D., University of Rhode Island, 2000. Research and Teaching: Investment, Corporate Finance, Financial Markets, and Risk Management.
  • Feng Lu. Associate Professor, Director of Undergraduate Studies in CCER; BA, China Renmin University; Ph.D., University of Leeds, UK. Research & teaching: Agricultural Economics, Econometrics and Economic History of China.
  • Xinqiao Ping. Associate Professor; MA, Peking University, 1985; Ph.D., Cornell University, 1998. Research and Teaching: Microeconomics, Industrial Organization, and Monerary Economics.
  • Jianhuai Shi. Associate Professor; BS, Nanjing University, 1986; MA, Shanghai University of Finance and Economy, 1989; Ph.D., Osaka University, 1999. Research and Teaching: Macroeconomics and International Finance.
  • Guoqing Song. Professor; BS, Peking University; Ph.D. candidate, University of Chicago. Research & teaching: Macroeconomics, Monetary Economics, and Development Economics.
  • Dingding Wang. Associate Professor; BS, Beijing Normal University; Ph.D., University of Hawaii. Research & teaching: Development Economics, Institutional Economics, and Mathematical Economics.
  • Yang Yao. Associate Professor; BS, MS, Peking University; Ph.D., University of Wisconsin, Madison. Research & teaching: Development and Agricultural Economics, Microeconomics.
  • Gang Yi. Professor, Deputy Director of CCER; BA, Hamline University in Minnesota; Ph.D., University of Illinois. Research & teaching: International Economics, Money and Banking, and Business Statistics.
  • Fan Zhang. Associate Professor; BA, Economic Institute of Beijing; MA, China Renmin University; Ph.D., Wayne State University in Michigan. Research & teaching: Industrial Organization, Macroeconomics, and Environment Economics.
  • Yaohui Zhao. Professor; BA, MA, Peking University; Ph.D., University of Chicago. Research & teaching: Labor Economics, Agricultural Economics, Microeconomics, and Industrial Organization.
  • Zhong Zhao. Assistant Professor; BA, China Pelple's University, 1991; MA and Ph.D., Johns Hopkins University, 2001. Research and Teaching: Labor Economics, Applied Econometrics, Program Evaluation, and Statistics.
  • Qiren Zhou. Professor, BA, China Renmin University; Ph.D., University of California, Los Angeles. Research and teaching: New Institutional Economics, Regulation and Degulationary Reform, Firm Theory and China's Transition.


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China Center for Economic Research (CCER)
Peking University, Beijing,100871, China