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CHRIS CRASS "is the coordinator of the Catalyst Project. He has been engaged in left/anarchist politics for the past 18 years. He participated in anti-war organizing during the Gulf War in 1991 and was heavily involved in struggles for Ethnic Studies and immigrant rights In Orange County, CA. For six years he played a leadership role in San Francisco Food Not Bombs with a focus on building the anarchist movement nationally. He was a co-coordinator of the Challenging White Supremacy Workshops from which the Catalyst Project emerged. He was a co-founder of Colours of Resistance with Helen Luu and Pauline Hwang. His essays on collective liberation politics, anti-authoritarian leadership, organizing strategy and movement building have been published widely in Left Turn, Clamor and on ZNet and He is a member of the anti-racist/anti-imperialist Heads Up Collective in the Bay Area that bridges organizing for economic and racial justice with global justice and anti-war struggles. Chris is also a Unitarian Universalist and lives with his comrades, including Natasha Janoski who is four, at Praxis House." [1]

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