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Christopher Richard Emerson Coggins, Ph.D. was a toxicologist/epidemiologist for R.J. Reynolds and Lorillard. In August 1997 he was Senior Vice President of Science and Technology. Prior to that time he was a Principal Scientist at R.J. Reynolds (from August 1992 until approximately March of 1997). Chris Coggins denied in an August, 1997 courtroom testimony that environmental tobacco smoke is a human carcinogen and said he "has not encountered" anyone at RJR or Lorillard who believes that smoking causes disease.[1]


Chris Coggins was born in Durham, England on 14 March 1950. He holds a British passport.

Coggins was a toxicologist for R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company and Battelle-Geneva Research Center in Switzerland, which focused mainly on animal studies. He is an acquaintance of David Purser.(D. Purser 4/22/94). He is an epidemiologist and testified on 5/11/94 about tobacco companies disputing EPA's environmental smoke findings.(R. Sherer 5/12/94) Coggins said secondhand smoke is highly diluted and that levels of respirable suspended particulates are equivalent to the amount of hairspray that would be found in one home if a single 1 ounce can was sprayed over 30,000 houses. Coggins criticized the EPA and was quoted from a Congressional Research Services report which questioned the EPA's conclusions that passive smoke is harmful.(WSJ/Reuters 5/24/94).

From May 2002 to December 2002, Coggins was Senior Vice-President of Scientific Affairs at Lorillard Tobacco Company. From December 1996 to May 2002 he was Senior Vice-President of Science and Technology at Lorillard. From August 1985 to November 1996 he was with R.J. Reynolds Research & Development Department.


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