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"Beginning in 1979 with oil-trading ventures in Latin America and Africa, Citizens Energy has used revenues from commercial enterprises to channel millions of dollars into charitable programs in the U.S. and abroad. Whether heating the homes of the elderly and the poor, lowering the cost of prescription drugs for millions of Americans, or starting solar heating projects in Jamaica and Venezuela, Citizens creates social ventures as innovative as the businesses that finance them." [1]

"Citizens Energy signed its first crude oil contract with Venezuela in November 1979. Joseph P. Kennedy II arranged storage deals with major terminal operators and contracted with hundreds of retail dealers to deliver the oil to needy Massachusetts families at 40 percent below market rates...

"Citizens Conservation Corporation was created in 1981 to augment Citizens Energy’s fuel assistance programs. Recognizing that the least expensive form of energy is the energy saved through conservation and efficiency, Citizens Energy saw that its subsidized home heating oil often was wasted in poorly weatherized apartments with inefficient heating systems...

"In 1983, Citizens Energy formed a related company, Citizens Heat and Power Company, to provide similar energy conservation and efficiency services at major industrial and commercial properties. That company built a client portfolio of 170 separate buildings in four states, including hospitals, nursing homes, school departments, and municipal, county, and state government office buildings.

"Citizens Heat and Power was sold to a major utility in 1986, while Citizens Conservation Corporation was sold in 1995 to Eastern Utility Corporation." [2]


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