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"Claire Ceruti is writing up her Doctorate (Working title: The hidden element: public striker identities over two politicised strikes). She worked at the University of Johannesburg as a researcher on the Class in Soweto Project from 2005 until 2012. Before this, she was a student and part-time researcher for 10 years. During that time she worked at the East Cape Land Committee and the Farmworkers’ Research and Resource Project. She eventually got her masters in Industrial Sociology from the University of the Witwatersand. She later worked as an editor/organiser for Socialism from Below magazine, then laid out pages and subedited in the Business Report newsroom for five years before she was lured back to academia, where she learned more about statistics than she ever thought she needed to know on the Soweto Project, taught some classes in research methods, and co-supervised two fascinating masters’ theses, one about the meanings of middle class in contemporary South Africa (by Mosa Phadi) and one about teachers’ unions in South Africa and Ghana (Samuel Amakoa)." [1]

Claire Ceruti is a member of Keep Left in South Africa. [2] Claire Ceruti is a researcher at Centre for Sociological Research at the University of Johannesburg. [3] Claire Ceruti is a researcher attached to the South African Research Chair in Social Change at the University of Johannesburg.

  • Leo Zeilig and Claire Ceruti, 'Slums, resistance and the African working class', International Socialism: A quarterly journal of socialist theory, 2007.

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