Claude Edward Teague, Jr.

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Claude Edward Teague, Jr. was Assistant Chief of Research & Development at R.J. Reynolds in the 1970s and is knowledgeable about youth smoking. He was Assistant Director of Research at R.J. Reynolds in 1973 and Director of R&D Administration in 1987.(Source: R.J. Reynolds Who's Who NMLRP) Teague was Director of Research & Development


Claude E. Teague Jr. worked for R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company at their headquarters at 401 Main St., Winston Salem, NC 27101-3818. Teague was the Assistant Chief in Research and Development in the Spring of 1972. He is knowledgeable on the technical aspects of smoke and nicotine as it relates to the psychological effects of smoking. Teague is also knowledgeable regarding youth marketing and influencing pre-smokers to try smoking. He also is knowledgeable regarding research programs for youth brands, including the characteristics desirable for beginning smokers ages 13-17.(Smokescreen p. 71)(Source: Multi-State Deposition Team - Identified Individuals May 9, 1997)

Teague wrote in a 1973 internal memo:

It should be said that we are presently, and I believe unfairly, constrained from directly promoting cigarettes to the youth market...Realistically, if our Company is to survive and prosper, over the long term, we must get our share of the youth market. In my opinion, this will require new brands tailored to the youth market...
The smoking-health controversy does not appear important to the group because, psychologically, at eighteen, one is immortal. Further, if the desire to be daring is part of the motivation to start smoking, the alleged risk of smoking may actually make smoking attractive. Finally, if the 'older' establishment is preaching against smoking, the anti-establishment sentiment discussed above would cause the young to be defiant and smoke. Thus, a new brand aimed at the young group should not in any way be promoted as a "health" brand, and perhaps should carry some implied risk. In this sense, the warning label on the package may be a plus. [1]



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