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According to an internet listing by the Power Marketeting Association, the President of the Clean Air Capital Markets Corporation is/was John B. Henry II.

Listed Contact

1250 24th St. NW, Suite 350
Washington, DC 20037
Voice: 202-466-0520
Fax: 202-466-0583

"In the 1990s, Mr. Henry formed a trading company, Clean Air Capital Markets, that cashed in on a 1990 federal law allowing utilities to meet clean-air standards by purchasing 'pollution credits' from more environment-friendly rivals. 'We created a market where people said you couldn't,' Mr. Henry says. The company, now defunct, was profitable for a number of years."[1]

Trading away the Earth (continued). How it Works, and Doesn't, Institute for Social Ecology, no date: "At least one company has tried to cash in on the confusion by assembling packages of 'multi-year streams of pollution rights' specifically designed to defer or supplant purchases of new pollution control technologies. 'What a scrubber really is, is a decision to buy a 30-year stream of allowances,' John B. Henry of Clean Air Capital Markets told the New York Times, with impeccable capitalist logic. 'If the price of allowances declines in future years,' paraphrased the Times, 'the scrubber would look like a bad buy.'"