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The Climate Institute is a U.S.-based nonprofit organization 501(c)(3) - not to be confused with the Australian namesake (see Climate Institute (Australia)) -- that "has been in a unique position to inform key decision-makers, heighten international awareness of climate change, and identify practical ways of achieving significant emissions reductions. This has been done through several different media including symposia, conferences, roundtables, and special briefings. These have been carried out not only in the U.S., Canada, Australia, Japan and Europe but also in as many as 30 developing countries providing expert advice at ministerial and heads of state briefings and at sessions with business executives and private citizens." [1]

"In its nearly 20 years of existence the Climate Institute has been a catalyst in moving the world to address climate change in a cooperative manner. It has become the leading international NGO of scientists and policy leaders concerned with climate change and protection of the stratospheric ozone layer, and has organized conferences, symposia, and ministerial briefings in thirty nations." [2]


  • Chairman Emeritus Sir Crispin Tickell - Former United Kingdom Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Former British Ambassador to Mexico and Permanent Secretary of the Overseas Development Administration
  • Chairman William A. Nitze, President, Gemstar Group
  • Mark Goldberg, Vice Chairman - Senior Vice President for Policy and Strategy, National Coalition on Health Care, Former faculty member, Yale School of Management and former White House staff member
  • Dr. Stephen Leatherman aka Dr. Beach - Director, International Hurricane Research Center and Laboratory for Coastal Research, Florida International University
  • John P. Bond, General Counsel - Attorney, Formerly Executive Director, Global Legislators for a Balanced Environment (GLOBE)
  • Dr. Noel Brown - President, Friends of the United Nations, Former Regional Director for North America, United Nations Environment Programme
  • Joseph A. Cannon - Partner, Pillsbury, Winthrop, Shaw Pittman, Former Assistant Administrator for Air and Radiation of the U.S. EPA
  • Claudine Cmarada - Former Executive Director of the Land and Water Fund of the Rockies, Former five-term member of the U.S. House of Representatives
  • Dr. Devra Davis - Director, Center for Environmental Oncology, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, Author, When Smoke Ran Like Water
  • Lynne Todd Edgerton - Attorney, Former Member, California Air Resources Board
  • Jason Elliott - Managing Director, Ranger Capital Fund
  • Christopher Flavin - President, Worldwatch Institute
  • Dr. Thomas Gale - Trustee, Thomas H. and Barbara W. Gale Foundation, Proprietor, Eversley Farm in Centreville, Maryland
  • Dr. Lee W. Huebner - Professor of Journalism, Northwestern University, Former President, American University of Paris, Former Publisher, International Herald Tribune and Oil Daily
  • Dr. Michael McElroy - Gilbert Butler Professor of Environmental Studies, Harvard University, Chair, Interfaculty Initiative on the Environment, Harvard University, Founding Chair, Department of Planetary and Earth Science, Harvard University, Chairman of the Board, International Research Institute for Climate Prediction, a Columbia University and NOAA joint undertaking
  • John Noel III - President, John Noel Investment Company , President, Southern Alliance for Clean Energy
  • Daniel Power - Civil Engineer and City Planner, Secretary- Treasurer and Director of Outreach, Climate Institute
  • Hon. Tom Roper - Director, Global Sustainable Energy Islands Initiative, Retired Member of Parliament from the State of Victoria, Australia, Former Australian Minister for Planning and Environment, Former State Treasurer, State of Victoria, Australia
  • Dr. Stephen H. Schneider - Professor of Biology, Stanford University
  • John C. Topping, Jr. - President and Chief Executive Officer, Climate Institute, Former Staff Director, Office of Air and Radiation, US EPA
  • James Lee Witt - President, James Lee Witt Associates, CEO, International Code Council, Director, Federal Emergency Management Agency, (FEMA) 1993-2001

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1785 Massachusetts Avenue NW, Washington DC 20036

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