The Coalition for Democracy in Iran

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Coalition for Democracy in Iran (CDI) is a pressure group founded by neoconservatives (Morris Amitay and Michael Ledeen) in 2002, that focuses on changing U.S. foreign policy (in much the same way as the National Endowment for Democracy). According to CDI's website they "formed to mobilize the efforts of groups and individuals across the United States, including Iranian-Americans, who support the aspirations of the Iranian people for democracy and respect for human rights in Iran." [1]

RightWeb wrote that:

"CDI represents just one thrust in a phalanx of neoconservative initiatives and organizations that aim to set the U.S. foreign policy agenda for Iran. Other groups include the Middle East Forum, Project for the New American Century, Hudson Institute, Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs, Committee on the Present Danger, Foundation for the Defense of Democracies, and especially the American Enterprise Institute, which serves as the flagship neocon think tank." [2]

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