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Cochise Consultancy Inc. was founded and is run by Desert Storm Special Operations Central Command Commander Colonel Jesse L. Johnson. Most Americans working for his company had served under him before in the military. [1]

Cochise has been hired by USA Enviromental to provide security to their employees in Iraq. USA Enviro, a Florida based demolition company, is under contract from the US Army Corps of Engineers to destroy old Iraqi weapons. The Corps has only 12 out of the 2200 workers on the weapons destruction projects. [2]

An average worker's paybase is $12,000 a month and can go as high as $17,000. A typical workweek is 72 hours and six days, however it can extend due to circumstances. About half of Cochise's 225 employees in Iraq are American. The other half are Iraqis and Jordanians. [3]

In 2003, RONCO and Cochise joined to form a single source security company called RONCO/ Cochise Security Services, which is the security arm of the Ronco Consulting Corporation. [4]

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