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Colin A. Carter is a professor at University of California, Davis and the Director of the Giannini Foundation of Agricultural Economics.[1]

Selected Publications

  • Carter, C.A., and S. Mohapatra. “Inventories and Antidumping: The Case of Orange Juice Trade” Empirical Economics (forthcoming).[2]
  • Carter, C.A. F. Zhong, and J. Zhu “Advances in Chinese Agriculture and its Global Implications” Applied Economic Perspectives and Policy (Spring 2012) 34(1): 1-36.
  • Colin A. Carter and Guillaume P Gruère, “New and Existing GM Crops: In Search of Effective Stewardship and Coexistence
” Northeastern University Law Journal. Vol. 4. No. 1. Sp. 2012. 169-207.
  • Carter, C.A., G.C. Moschini, and I. Sheldon. Genetically Modified Food and Global Welfare. Bingley, UK: Emerald, 2011.
  • Carter, C.A., G.C. Rausser, and A. Smith. "Commodity Booms and Busts." Annual Review of Resource Economics 3(2011):87-118.
  • Carter, C.A. and C.G. Trant. "U.S. Trade Remedy Law and Agricultural Trade." Canadian Journal of Economics 43(1)(2010):97-126.
  • Mohapatra, S., R.E. Goodhue, C.A. Carter, and J.A. Chalfant. "Effects of Forward Sales on Spot Markets: Pre-commitment Sales and Prices for Fresh Strawberries." American Journal of Agricultural Economics 92(1)(2010): 152-163.
  • Miller, H.I. and C.A. Carter. "Genetically Engineered Wheat, Redux." Trends in Biotechnology 28(1)(2010).
  • Carter, C.A., F. Zhong, and J. Zhu. "China’s Role in the 2007–2008 Global Food Price Boom and Bust." EuroChoices 8(2)(2009):17-23.
  • Gruére, G.P., C.A. Carter, and Y. H. Farzin. "Explaining International Labeling Policies of Genetically Modified Food." Review of International Economics 17(3)(2009): 393-408.
  • Carter, C.A. and C.L.R. Giha. "Eastham's Commodity Storage Model in a Modern Context." Oxford Economic Papers 61(4)(2009): 801-822.
  • Carter, C.A. and S. Mohapatra. "How Reliable are Hog Futures as Forecasts?" American Journal of Agricultural Economics 90(2)(2008): 367-378.
  • Mérel, P.R. and C.A. Carter. "A Second Look at Managing Import Risk from Invasive Species." Journal of Environmental Economics and Management 56(3)(2008): 286-290.
  • Gruére, G.P., C.A. Carter, and Y. H. Farzin. "What Labelling Policy for Consumer Choice? The Case of Genetically Modified Food in Canada and Europe." Canadian Journal of Economics. 41(4)(2008): 1472-1497.
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  • Berwald, D., C.A. Carter, and G.P. Gruére. "Rejecting New Technology: The Case of Genetically Modified Wheat." American Journal of Agricultural Economics 88(2)(2006): 432-447.
  • Carter, C.A. "Agriculture." Globalization: Encyclopedia of Trade, Labor, and Politics. A. K. Vaidya (ed). Santa Barbara, CA: ABC-CLIO, 2006.
  • Carter, C.A. "Agricultural Policy and Markets." Chapter in. Microeconomics. P. Krugman and R. Wells. New York: Worth Publishers, 2006.
  • Carter, C.A., B. Krissoff, and A.P. Zwane. "Can Country-of-Origin Labeling Succeed as a Marketing Tool for Produce? Lessons from Three Case Studies." Canadian Journal of Agricultural Economics 54(4)(2006): 513-530.
  • Carter, C.A. and C. Funning-Trant. "China’s Food Exports Face Dumping Laws." American Journal of Agricultural Economics 88(5)(2006): 1227-1234.
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  • Carter, C.A., J.A. Chalfant, R.E. Goodhue, and G.J. McKee. "Costs of 2001 Methyl Bromide Rules Estimated for California Strawberry Industry." California Agriculture 59(1)(2005):41-46.
  • Carter, C.A., J.A. Chalfant, R.E. Goodhue, F.M. Han, and M. DeSantis. "The Methyl Bromide Ban: Economic Impacts on the California Strawberry Industry." Review of Agricultural Economics 27(2)(2005):181-197.
  • Bond, C.A., C.A. Carter, and Y.H. Farzin. "Economic and Environmental Impacts of Genetically Modified Rice Adoption in California." Giannini Foundation Research Report 350. Davis, University of California, Giannini Foundation of Agricultural Economics, 2005.
  • Carter, C.A. and A.J. Estrin. "Opening of China's Trade, Labor Market Reform and Impact on Rural Wages." The World Economy 28(6)(2005):823-839.
  • Carter, C.A., J.A. Chalfant, and R.E. Goodhue. "The Red Edge: Demand-Enhancing Strategies for California Strawberries." Chapter in The Economics of Commodity Promotion Programs: Lessons From California. H. M. Kaiser, J.M. Alston, J. M. Crespi, and R.J. Sexton (eds.). New York: Peter Lang Publishing Inc. 2005.
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  • Carter, C.A. and X. Li. "Changing Trade Patterns in Major OECD Countries." Applied Economics 36(14)(2004): 1501-1511.
  • Anania, G., M. Bohman, C.A. Carter, and A. McCalla (eds.). Agricultural Policy Reform and the WTO: Where Are We Heading? Cheltenham: Edgar Elgar. 2004.
  • Carer, C.A., J.A. Chalfant, and R.E. Goodhue. "Invasive Species in Agriculture: A Rising Concern." Western Economics Forum 3(2)(2004).
  • Carter, C.A. Futures and Options Markets: An Introduction. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall, 2003.
  • Carter, C.A., J. Chen, and B. Chu. "Agricultural Productivity Growth in China: Farm Level versus Aggregate Measurement." China Economic Review 14(1)(2003): 53-71.
  • Carter, C.A. and G.P. Gruére. "International Approaches to the Labeling of Genetically Modified Foods." Choices (2003):1-4.
  • Carter, C.A. and G.P. Gruére. "Mandatory Labeling of Genetically Modified Foods: Does it Really Provide Consumer Choice?" Agbioforum 6(1&2)(2003):68-70.
  • Carter, C.A. and G.P. Gruére. "Mandatory vs. Voluntary Labeling of GM Food, Consumer Choice and Autonomy." Agbioforum 6(3)(2003):143-144.
  • Bond, C.A., C.A. Carter, and Y.H. Farzin. "Medium Grains, High Stakes: Economics of HT Rice in California." Agbioforum 6(4)(2003):146-154.
  • Carter, C.A. and X. Li. "Implications of WTO Accession for China's Agricultural Trade Patterns." Australian Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics 46(2)(2002):193-207.
  • Carter, C.A. and B. Lohmar. "Regional Specialization of China’s Agricultural Production." American Journal of Agricultural Economics 84(3)(2002):749-753.

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