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Colle+McVoy is a Minnesota based marketing communications company that also undertakes public relations work for its clients.

(Note the company name is "Colle+McVoy" but the the Wiki coding will only recognise & not + to create the page).

On its website the company, which was formed in 1935, states that it employs 193 people.

According to a May 2003 company profile based data supplied by the company to Agrimarketing, Colle+McVoy turned over $21.5 million and employ 177 people. However the work for agribusiness was a relatively minor part of the total, generating revenues of $2.7 million and employing 33 of the total staff. [1]

The Business Journal stated that the company reported net fee income from public relations of $3.2 million in 2001 and $171 million in audited advertising billings. [2]

Colle+McVoy boast that their areas of "expertise extend from event planning, media relations and technical communications to public affairs, crisis communications, government and regulatory relations. From local or statewide events to multi-million-dollar national programs".

"Meeting media needs - knowing media beats and interests, building credible story angles, creating easy access for reporters. Leveraging influencers - optimizing the ability of third-party resources to build credibility," they state. [3]


On its website the company lists a number of recent case studies as examples of its public relations activities, including:

  • successfully promoting sales for the 2002 PGA tournamount "after a kick-off event that featured the Governor of Minnesota" [4]
  • a promotional campaign for the opening of the first Krispy Kreme donut shop [5]
  • following the merging of Novartis and Zeneca Agrochemicals the company was responsible for launching the new company "to investors, employees, growers and dealers by leveraging a cause-marketing campaign to build goodwill. After three months, awareness was 61% in its key market, 3 million positive media impressions were generated and over 15 million pounds of food were collected to help address the issue of rural hunger. [6]
  • working for Orphan Medical on a campaign it describes as "Saving a drug, saving a company". "As one of our clients was developing a medical form of GHB to treat a rare disease, Congress and lawmakers were moving to put GHB on ice after the press labeled it the new date-rape drug. We worked with law enforcement stakeholders to devise legislation that would help fight illicit use of GHB. Today, over 30 states have distinguished illicit forms of GHB from the medical version and the company is able to continue its ground-breaking work," the company claims on its website. [7]
  • working for the North American Olive Oil Association to promote increased awareness and use of olive oil. [8]


According to Agrimarketing data from May 2003, clients that Colle+McVoy have worked for are:

  • Agriliance, 2001;
  • AgStar Financial Services, 2001;
  • Case IH, 2002; Cenex, 1998;
  • CHS, 1998;
  • CNH, 2002;
  • Farm Credit Services of Mid-America, 2002;
  • New Holland, 2002
  • North American Olive Oil Association, 2002 [9]

Contact information

400 First Avenue North
Suite 700
Minneapolis, MN 55401
Phone: 612-305-6000
Fax: 612-305-6500
Email: info AT

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