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Combat Support Associates, Ltd. is "a joint venture company formed to compete for the Combat Support Service Contract-Kuwait. Under the auspices of CSA, Ltd. and CSA, the company provides services to U.S. Army troops and Allied Forces at Camps Arifjan, Buehring, Doha, Victory, Virginia, Ali Al Salem and Navistar, located throughout Kuwait." [1]

CSA was selected December 1, 1999 by the US Army to provide support services under the CSSC-Kuwait contract. The contract is for ten years and was greatly expanded after 9/11 and the invasion of Iraq. Specifically, CSA has the contract for Camp Doha "to include supply, maintenance of prepositioned equipment, force on force training, range control and camp security; 546 US and 787 Third Country National contract personnel. CSA maintains equipment for 7 battalions, plus a division slice." [2]

The ten year contract is worth as much as $500 million upon completion. [3] [4]

The joint venture partners are AGS, Research Analysis and Maintenance and SMI International. In addition, CSA receives support from subcontractors MPRI, Anteon and Sato Travel to fulfill responsibilities under the contract in Kuwait. [5]

CSA was the Pentagon's 86th largest contractor in 2004 with $265,499,091 worth of total contracts. [6]

In the five year period between 1998-2003, CSA ranked as the Pentagon's 169th contractor with a total of $475,209,683 worth of contracts, of which 100% were cost-plus contracts won through competitive bidding. The majority of the work done was in equipment maintenance and repair and rebuilding. The rest was operation of government facilities, maintenance and repair of real property, utilities, food-services, and janitorial housekeeping services. [7] [8]

In February of 2007, CSA hired Andrew Moonen, a former Blackwater USA employee who was sent from Iraq just two months earlier for shooting and killing the Iraqi vice-president's security guard on Christmas Eve, 2006. Moonen worked for CSA in Kuwait from February to August of 2007 while the Department of Justice was supposedly investigating the holiday slaying. [9]

Contact [10][11]
Combat Support Associates
999 W. Town and Country Rd.
Orange, CA 92868
phone: 965 486-5338
fax: 800-783-3220; fax: Non-US 965 468-5646