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Concerned Veterans for America (CVA) is a 501(c)(4) non-profit whose major funders through the years have been the Koch brothers and their donor network; as such considers CVA to be a Koch Brothers front group.[1] The Koch donors network appears to use CVA to advocate for reductions in federal spending, to attack the 2010 Affordable Care Act and to advance other "free market" policies.

An investigation by ProPublica found that Concerned Veterans for America submits its IRS filings under the name Vets for Economic Freedom Trust. Those documents list former Koch Industries managing director Wayne Gable as a trustee.[2]

Many Koch funding vehicles are set up as nonprofit trusts rather than not-for-profit corporations, "an unusual step that reduces their public reporting requirements," says ProPublica. “My guess is that we’re looking at various forms of disguise — to disguise control, to disguise the flow of funds from one entity to another,” said Gregory Colvin, a tax lawyer and campaign-finance specialist in San Francisco who reviewed all the documents for ProPublica.”[2]

The group's current President and Chief Operating Officer, Jae Pak, has been with CVA since July 2014.[3] After his career in the military, Pak held various operations roles with Capital One Financial Corporation, the College Board, and International Baccalaureate.[3]

The former CEO, Pete Hagseth, was the former executive director of the pro-Iraq War Vets for Freedom[3] and as of June 2014 was finance chair of the Republican Party of Minnesota.[4] Hegseth appears to have attended at least one Koch network summit meeting.

Ties to the Trump Administration

CVA Has a 'Seat at the Table'

In a post on its website, CVA touted that it has a "seat at the table with the Trump administration."[5] In particular, CVA reports that Trump is receptive to CVA's push to privatize the Veterans health care, "The Trump administration has been open to the idea of 'VA Choice,' allowing veterans to access private care in their communities."

Former CVA Employees in Trump Administration

As of April 2018:[6]

  • Darin Selnick (former Senior Advisor), Veterans Affairs
  • William Joseph Turenne (former Director), Department of Energy
  • James B. Wilkinson Jr. (former Regional Director), Department of Transportation
  • Richard A. Youngblood (former Ohio State Director), Department of Housing and Urban Development

2015-2016 Election Cycle

According to Politico's Austin Wright, CVA was preparing for the 2016 elections by "pushing for a more muscular U.S. foreign policy and [was] seeking to give veterans the option of government-subsidized private health care — a priority that aligns with the Koch agenda."[7]

CVA Releases TV Ad Backing Rep. Joe Heck for Senate in Nevada

Leading the Charge

In its first political TV ad of 2016, CVA went after the seat of the soon-to-be retired Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.[8] The TV spot features military veterans speaking in support of Rep. Joe Heck (R-NV), who is challenging Catherine Cortez Masto for the opening.[8] According to The New York Times, CVA had made a "$700,000 broadcast and digital buy."[8]

Koch Industries has been one of Rep. Heck's top contributors throughout his career,[9] and Heck voted with Koch-held positions nearly 90 percent of the time in 2015 according to a "scorecard" compiled by the Kochs' Americans for Prosperity.[10] In 2014, Americans for Prosperity also ran a $200,000 advertisement in support of Heck.[11]

CEO Pete Hagseth Resigns

On January 20, 2016 the Military Times reported CVA's CEO since July 2012, Pete Hagseth, "quietly resigned" in the weeks leading up to first primaries in the 2016 election cycle.[12] Other CVA officials, as well as Hagseth, say the split was a mutual decision and Jae Pak, then CVA's Chief Operating Officer, would take over the role of president.[12]

Web Ad Aimed at Hillary Clinton on Department of Veterans Affairs

Tell Congress: Don't Stand With Hillary, Support VA Reform!

On November 6, 2015, a 30-second internet ad funded by CVA attacked Hillary Clinton for comments she made about the current state of the Department of Veterans Affairs. In the first Koch-backed attempt to target Clinton's 2016 run for presidency, the CVA spent upwards of $100,000 on the commercial to promote VA reform, which was shown on the internet to users in Florida and South Carolina.[13] The ad uses quotes about poor conditions in VA hospitals, from various media outlets, to contradict Clinton's comments that "it's not been widespread as it has been made out to be." In the end, the ad asserts "our veterans deserve better" and pleads for viewers to support the "VA Accountability Act."[14]

2015 Ads Opposing Senate Democrats

In 2015 Concerned Veterans for America began an ad series with a six-figure budget that aimed at hindering the re-election campaigns of Democratic Senators.[15] The first installment in a series of online and mail ads aired in October 2015, "targeting Colorado Sen. Michael Bennet, the most vulnerable Senate Democrat up for reelection next year, as well as three Democrats up for reelection in 2018: Sens. Joe Donnelly of Indiana, Bob Casey of Pennsylvania and Heidi Heitkamp of North Dakota", according to Politico.[15] The ad was available on YouTube at the time of Politico's initial report, but has since been removed.

"Community Organizing"

Koch network organizations, including CVA, Americans for Prosperity, the Libre Initiative, and Generation Opportunity, were expanding their "grass-roots" organizing for the 2015-2016 election cycle, according to a report by NPR in October 2015.[16] CVA CEO Peter Hegseth spoke at an August 2015 conference for Koch-funded organizations as part of a session called "Community Organization -- Life Past November," describing the CVA's recent tactics advocating for legislation that would make it easier to fire employees at the Department of Veterans Affairs.

"At the community-organizing session, Hegseth said he put the basic message — less government and regulation, more unfettered free enterprise — and framed it in military terms.
"'It's fighting for the freedom and prosperity here at home that we fought for overseas or in uniform,' he said. 'It's when you raise your right hand to defend the Constitution. There's no reason why when you come home that service should stop.'"[16]

Hegseth explained how CVA volunteers discuss the legislation with military families, as well as "pick up an iPad and knock on some doors and make some phone calls and remind veterans to vote."[16]

2014 Midterm Elections

Web Ad Targets Alan Grayson (D-FL) on Healthcare

Government Health Care Equals Disaster

On December 16, 2013, CVA released an ad titled "Government Health Care Equals Disaster" to run online for two weeks in Florida's 9th district, represented by Democratic Rep. Alan Grayson.[17] Conflating the VA healthcare system with the Affordable Care Act (sometimes colloquially called "Obamacare"), the ad highlights long wait times at VA hospitals, then shows a Vietnam veteran saying "Don't expect to be taken care of by Obamacare." The ad ends with the statement: "Tell Congressman Grayson to listen to our vets, government healthcare doesn't work."[18]

Ties to the Koch Brothers

The Koch network was one of the biggest political operations in 2012 and worked largely outside the campaign finance system, raising at least $407 million. Source: Robert Maguire with the Center for Responsive Politics.

CVA is one of the organizations identified by The Washington Post and the Center for Responsive Politics as part of "a coalition of allied conservative groups active in the 2012 elections that together raised at least $407 million, backed by a donor network organized by the industrialists Charles and David Koch."[1] From 2011-2012, CVA received almost $2 million from the TC4 Trust and an additional $32,000 from the Center to Protect Patient Rights; both groups played key roles in the Koch funding network for the 2012 election cycle. From 2012-2014, CVA and related entities received more than $20 million from Freedom Partners, which Politico has described as "the Koch brothers' secret bank."[19] See below for funding information.

An investigation into CVA by ProPublica revealed that one of CVA's trustees is Wayne Gable,[2] a former managing director of federal affairs at Koch Industries, president of the Charles G. Koch Foundation, and a board member of Freedom Partners. Gable has also been involved with the Koch network groups Citizens for a Sound Economy and Americans for Prosperity.

Koch Wiki

The Koch brothers -- David and Charles -- are the right-wing billionaire co-owners of Koch Industries. As two of the richest people in the world, they are key funders of the right-wing infrastructure, including the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) and the State Policy Network (SPN). In SourceWatch, key articles on the Kochs include: Koch Brothers, Koch Industries, Americans for Prosperity, American Encore, and Freedom Partners.

The $400 million Koch network.
The $400 million Koch network uses a maze of nonprofit groups and LLCs to conceal donations and campaign activity
Source: Robert Maguire with the Center for Responsive Politics. Matea Gold and Cristina Rivero/The Washington Post.


VA Accountability Project

CVA runs a project called VA Accountability, which advocates for the VA Management Accountability Act of 2014. Introduced in the House by Rep. Jeff Miller (R-FL), the bill would give the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) secretary greater power to demote or fire high-ranking federal employees at the VA. The Civil Service Act normally protects such employees from being easily fired. The House passed the bill by a wide margin on May 21, 2014.[20] Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) introduced a Senate version but no vote had been taken as of the beginning of June 2014.[21]

CVA's former president Pete Hegseth has connected his support for the VA reform to his opposition to single-payer healthcare, telling the Republican Seniors of Minnesota, "The Department of Veterans Affairs is probably the best preview anywhere of what government-run, top-down, single-payer health care looks like [...] No choice, no transparency of cost, lots of bureaucracy.”[4]

The VA Accountability project is intended to encourage "participants to call members of Congress to co-sponsor the VA Accountability and Management Act or to join a “strike team” to help put even more pressure on Congress to take action."[22]

"Freedom Summer Tour" 2014

In April 2014, CVA announced it would undertake a 10-city bus tour, which would include performances by the band Madison Rising and speakers "bringing a message of service and freedom; as well as ways for fellow veterans—and all Americans—to continue fighting for freedom and the American Dream."[23]


CVA's website describes as its main issues "runaway government spending," free market and pro-business policies, and the federal budget deficit and debt, which it describes as "the biggest threat to U.S. national security."[24]

According to its website, CVA planned to focus on the following legislation in 2014:

  • "VA Reform" through the Dept. of Veterans Affairs Management Accountability Act of 2014 (S. 2013/H.R. 4031)
  • "DoD Reform" through the Audit the Pentagon Act of 2013 (S. 1510/H.R. 3184)
  • "Spending Reform" through federal and state-level balanced budget amendments
  • "Military Voting Reform" through the Safeguarding Elections for our Nation’s Troops through Reforms and Improvements (SENTRI) Act of 2013 (S. 1728/H.R. 3576)


As a 501(c)(4) nonprofit, CVA is not required to disclose its donors. However, CVA appears to have received the vast majority of its revenues from Koch network funding vehicles, structured to keep donors secret and the public in the dark.

Many Koch funding vehicles are set up as nonprofit trusts rather than not-for-profit corporations, "an unusual step that reduces their public reporting requirements," says ProPublica. “My guess is that we’re looking at various forms of disguise — to disguise control, to disguise the flow of funds from one entity to another,” said Gregory Colvin, a tax lawyer and campaign-finance specialist in San Francisco who reviewed all the documents for ProPublica.”[2]

The majority of CVA's budget appears to be funded by the Kochs' Freedom Partners.

Here are CVA's known funders:

Core Financials


  • Total Revenue: $14,174,523
  • Total Expenses: $13,997,969
  • Net Assets: $399,706


  • Total Revenue: $15,703,141
  • Total Expenses: $16,131,623
  • Net Assets: $223,152


  • Total Revenue: $3,796,235
  • Total Expenses: $3,926,591
  • Net Assets: $651,634


  • Total Revenue: $1,969,994
  • Total Expenses: $1,188,004
  • Net Assets: $781,990


National Staff

As of April 2018:[30]

  • Dan Caldwell, Executive Director
  • Nathan Anderson, Deputy Executive Director
  • Shannon Hough, Special Projects Manager

Field Staff

As of April 2018:[31]

  • Jordon Daniel, Colorado Coalitions Director
  • Josh Stanwitz, Arizona Coalitions Director
  • Rick Disney, Florida Senior Field Director
  • Steve Burkhalter, Ohio Field Director
  • Russ Duerstine, Texas Senior Field Director
  • Adam Miller, Senior Ohio Field Director
  • Ben Rangel, Texas Field Director
  • John Byrnes, North Carolina Coalitions Director
  • Tom Greer, New Mexico Field Director
  • Tim Tyler, Georgia Field Director
  • Diego A. Echeverri, Florida Field Director

Former Staff

  • Jae Pak, President and Chief Operating Officer
  • Joe Gecan, Executive Vice President of Strategy Development
  • Tal Coley, Director of Legislative Outreach & Research
  • Cody McGregor, National Outreach Director
  • Commander Eric Berryman, US Naval Reserve (ret.)
  • Captain Frank Brayton Harris, US Navy (ret.)
  • Major General Robert Hollinsworth, US Marine Corps (ret.)
  • General P. X. Kelley, US Marine Corps (ret.)
  • Sergeant Major "Gene Overstreet, US Marine Corps (ret.)
  • Vice Admiral Robert J. Spane, US Navy (ret.)
  • Former Captain Wade Zirkle, US Marine Corps (ret.)
  • Pete Hegseth, Former CEO of CVA and former executive director for Vets for Freedom.[3]
  • Wayne Gable, Trustee[28]
  • Langhorne C. Sias, Director of Operations[28]
  • Kathryn Pomeroy, Director of Communications[26]
  • Kathleen Volandt, North Carolina State Director[32]
  • Emily Laird, media contact.[23] Laird appears also to have served as a Media Manager for Public Notice.[33]
  • Nathan Martin, Regional Director, Virginia, Florida, North Carolina, Ohio & Texas; Army National Guard from 2001-2005
  • Jeb Wilkinson, Regional Director, Arizona, Colorado, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania & Nevada; U.S. Navy from 1985-1990, active 1991 Navy reserves
  • Jason Quick, Regional Director, New Mexico, Georgia, Iowa, Minnesota, South Carolina & Louisiana; U.S. Army from 2004-2011
  • Kurt Lofquist, Virginia State Director; U.S. Marine Corps from 2001-2009
  • Flora Schmidt, Iowa State Director
  • Daniel Brennan, South Carolina State Director
  • Matt Dobson, Arizona State Director; US Army
  • Paul Passaro, North Carolina State Director; U.S. Army from 1970-1992, Lieutenant Colonel
  • Roger Wilkins, New Hampshire State Director
  • Leo Garcia, Nevada State Director; U.S. Air Force from 1986-1994
  • Tina Kingston, Louisiana State Director; U.S. Army National Guard from 1983-2012, Lieutenant Colonel
  • Frank Crocker, Colorado State Director; U.S. Marine Corps 2011-2015
  • Eve Allen, Pennsylvania State Director
  • Paul Carlson, Minnesota State Director

Advisory Board

As of July 2016 (No longer list on website as of April 2018):[34]

  • Darin Selnick, Executive Director of CVA’s Fixing Veterans Health Care Taskforce and Senior Veterans Affairs Advisor for Concerned Veterans for America
  • Karen Vaughn, Senior Military Families Advisor
  • Jason Beardsley, Special Operations Advisor for Concerned Veterans for America
  • Jason Redman, Military Advisor

Related Organizations

According to Concerned Veterans for America's tax filings, which are under the name "Vets for Economic Freedom Trust," CVA has the following related organizations:[28]

  • TOHE, LLC (EIN 45-3763542), a disregarded entity of CVA
  • Concerned Veterans for America (EIN 46-3508366), a related 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization

Contact Information

Concerned Veterans for America
1310 N. Courthouse Rd., Suite 700
Arlington, VA 22201
Phone: (703) 224-3200


IRS Form 990 Filings






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