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"A conscience clause is a statutory provision that permits individuals or institutions to refuse to provide or to pay for medical procedures on the basis of religious or moral beliefs. While conscience clauses protect the autonomy and religious freedom of health care providers and organizations from liability for refusing to provide or fund some services, they also affect patient access." [1]

"Pharmacist conscience clauses [2] are modeled on existing rules for physicians that grant doctors the right not to perform abortions." [3]

"The push for conscience clauses represents a dramatic new front in the culture wars. The religious right is transforming their successful fight against abortion rights (South Dakota, Alito, Roberts, Louisiana) into a fight against contraception. ... The conscience-clause movement is largely being waged in the courts by right-wing legal groups like Pat Robertson's American Center for Law and Justice and James Dobson's Alliance Defense Fund (ADF) ...." [4]

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