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Consumer Action is a San Francisco-based nonprofit organization, founded in 1971 to carry out "multilingual consumer education and advocacy in the fields of credit, banking, privacy, insurance, utilities and HMOs." [1]

Corporate Partners

Consumer Action's website describes its "extensive experience in partnering with corporations and government agencies to provide them with a wide range of professional services, including writing, translating, publicity and distribution." The organization's "staff members who work in these [low-income, minority, immigrant, disabled and senior] communities will review your materials, evaluate your consumer outreach programs and help you design new and effective ways to reach current and new customers." [2]

Consumer Action's multilingual, "effective education and outreach projects targeting all consumers" seem to be based around publications distributed for free, through a "national network of more than 6,500 community-based organizations nationwide." The organization promises "a cost-effective and wide-reaching" promotional campaign promoting these "free educational materials in the mainstream and in-language media." [3]

Consumer Action lists the following as partners in developing educational materials: [4]

Contact Information

Consumer Action
221 Main Street, Suite 480
San Francisco, CA 94105
Phone: (415) 777-9635

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