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Consumers for Innovative Technology (CIT) is a Michigan-based group which describes itself as a "grassroots organization dedicated to bringing competition to the cable market." [1]

CIT is a group lobbying against what it describes as Michigans "antiquated local franchising system by passing SB 1157/HB 5895." The bil, ir claims, "would lower prices by enabling other cable companies and phone providers to compete with the monopoly cable TV providers through a statewide franchise system." [2]

On its website it states that it is "working with local municipal leaders and policymakers in Lansing to secure implementation of a statewide video franchise system, whereby companies offering cable services only have to negotiate one agreement in order to offer cable services throughout the entire state. We are working with legislators from both sides of the aisle to get SB 1157/HB 5895, a consumer-friendly bill, to Governor Granholm’s desk." [3]

The domain name for the groups website is registered in the name of Jassen Strokosch from the Chicago-based PR firm, Jasculca/Terman and Associates. The domain name was registerd on March 2, 2006.


CIT does not disclose which companies are members only that it includes "individuals and businesses of all sizes." [4]


Contact details

Consumers for Innovative Technology
PO Box 24980
Detroit, Michigan 48224
Phone: 1-800-324-7569
Email: info AT

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