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Contract Services Association is the "nation’s oldest and largest association of service contractors representing over 200 companies that provide a wide array of services to Federal, state, and local governments. CSA members perform over $40 billion in Government contracts and employ nearly 500,000 workers, with two-thirds of CSA companies using private sector union labor." [1]

CSA is an industry organization which influences policy and legislative actions which effect it's members' situations in regards to procuring and completing government contracts within the confines of the law.

CSA is a member of the Council of Defense and Space Industries Associations and shares the same office and phone number.

The current president is Christopher Jahn. Previously, Gary Engebretson, served as president for 17 years.


CSA began in 1965 as NCTIS. By the early 1970s they had worked to get government agencies to publish their commercial industrial inventories as required by OMB Circular A-76, and then successfully staved off an attempt by the House of Representatives to revert it in 1980.

In 1986 their name was changed to Contract Services Association of America.

In the 1990s CSA became involved in persuading the Federal Acquisition Regulations, the Clinger-Cohen Act, and the Federal Activities Inventory Reform Act. [2]

In 2005, CSA was one of five organizations within the CODSIA to pressure the Defense Acquisitions Regulations Council to back off or re-write certain provisions in regards to trafficking in humans when under Defense contracts over-seas. [3]


For a full list of members go to CSA's membership page


Contract Services Association
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Arlington VA 22209-3920
Phone: (703) 243 2020
Fax: (703) 243 3601