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Crescent Investment Management LLC was founded and chaired by Mansoor Ijaz in 1991. Crescent Investment Management, "a New York investment [is] partnership between Ijaz, Lt. Gen. James Alan Abrahamson (USAF Ret), former director of President Ronald Reagan's Strategic Defense Initiative, and Turkey's Global Group. Former CIA Director R. James Woolsey, Jr. serves as vice chairman of Crescent's Board of Governors.

"Crescent specializes in the use of quantitative modeling techniques to manage investment portfolios. Crescent's MENARA family of funds, currently in formation, will focus on five strategic investment sectors: high technology, telecommunications, oil and gas investments, real estate acquisitions and infrastructure development. The firm is headquartered in New York with partner offices in London and Ankara." --Benador Associates' biography for Ijaz.


A search for Crescent Investment Management results in a wavering "picture" of what the firm actually "is" and "does." It is described as a:

  • "New York investment firm that advises several OPEC member nations in the Persian Gulf"; [1]
  • "New York-based hedge fund ... which focuses on national security technologies"; [3]

In 1997: Mansoor Ijaz "also acknowledged his commercial interests in effecting a reconciliation between the United States and Sudan. As chairman of Crescent Investment Management, a New York firm that he said handles a $ 2.7 billion investment portfolio--much of it on behalf of Middle East governments--Ijaz said he is particularly interested in new oil field development. Sudan, with moderate reserves estimated at 3.5 billion barrels, is expected to become a petroleum exporter soon and Ijaz said he hopes to manage some of Khartoum's foreign investment of oil profits."

Advisory Board

"Prince Alfred von Liechtenstein, Mansoor Ijaz and Lt Gen James Abrahamson (USAF Retired) jointly serve on the Advisory Board of Crescent Investment Management in New York." [5]

Contact Details

  • "The Crescent Investment Management Group, 202-637-9661 420 7th St NW Washington DC 20004." [6]
  • "Crescent Investment Management LLC, New York, New York 10022." (cache file)
  • "Crescent Investment Management LLC, 100 United Nations Plaza, 4th Floor, New York, New York 10017. GSM: +44.7717.333.137. Email: crescent AT" [7]

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