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Crescent Technology Ventures PLC, according to a December 2004 announcement, incorporated in the United Kingdom, is an investment company "specialising in security primarily in the United States."

"Crescent Technology Ventures Plc (CTV), is funding and developing the next generation of technologies focused on protecting vital infrastructure and providing for security against a spectrum of terrorist threats. The fund is preparing investments in five primary areas of concern: Internet and cyber-security, air and seaport cargo container security, stratospheric telecommunications platforms and alternative energy development." [1]

Growth Company Investor describes CTV as an "Anti-terror investment vehicle whose directors inlcude former high-ranking US military men with significant ties to the security services and arms business."

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  • Press Release: Acquistion,, August 8, 2005: "Share Purchase Agreement with Invicta Networks Inc. (Invicta), a US-based high-technology company focused on developing Internet security systems ... "'We welcome the investment by Crescent Technology Ventures PLC. The Company's distinguished Directors and Advisers, including Lt Gen James Abrahamson (USAF Ret), Lt Gen Tom McInerney (USAF Ret), former CIA Director James Woolsey, Dr John Foster and Mansoor Ijaz, have long been contributors to US and global security initiatives. Their investment in Invicta represents a new chapter in their efforts to combat terrorist threats,' said Victor Sheymov, Invicta's president and CEO. ... Amb. R. James Woolsey, chairman of the Company's Board of Advisers, is a member of the Board of Directors and shareholder of Invicta. Mansoor Ijaz, chief executive of the Company, is a minority shareholder of Invicta holding less than one per cent of Invicta's issued share capital."