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Crisis Control Group, LLC a Miami based American private risk consultancy agency founded to serve the needs of multinational corporations, governments and non-government agencies and the entertainment industry in the areas of corporate intelligence & investigations, forensic psychology, background screening, national & international due diligence, crisis control and security maters.

With offices in Miami, New York and South America Colombia, Crisis Control Group, LLC conduct DNA testing for evidence analysis, International due diligence reports, industry feasibility studies, perform trace evidence evaluation for attorneys; human identification for disaster victims & missing persons; conduct criminal investigations, crime scene scrutiny in defense court proceedings and hostage recovery in Latin America (Colombia).


"Crisis Control Group, LLC clients include high net-worth individuals, fortune 500 corporations, law firms, New York rela estate property managers, sovereign governments and entertainers and celebrities." [1]

Illegal Subletting

Crisis Control Group, LLC real estate fraud unit is well known among the largest and most prestigious property management firms in New York City. CCG's team of experienced researchers, property managers and corporate investigators helps landlords identify any illegal subletting activity. CCG's New York fraud unit has a very precise and unique mission: "Where a tenant is illegally subletting (non primary residence) his/her apartment we provide definitive proof of the same through the gathering of information and certified documentation. We performed last year (2006) more than 1300 illegal subletting investigation in New York State". [2]

In Colombia

Although Colombia’s recent history has been turbulent, progress towards the establishment of a Colombia Trade Promotion Agreement with the US presents a unique commercial opportunity and a complex commercial challenge.

Though not free from terrorist attacks but mainly under control and new government fraud prevention reforms are in place, significant challenges remain in creating a stable environment for international trade and investment. Despite these challenges, business opportunities can be lucrative if an intelligent approach to risk management is adopted.

Crisis Control Group, LLC presence in Colombia is supported by heavy investments in both equipment and personnel. CCG's risk assessment & intelligence team conducts ongoing review and analysis of the national political environment and ensures an intelligence led approach to operations. CCG's clients operations are further supported through a comprehensive communications network, US & Colombian corporate intelligence experts and extensive local law enforcement network.


With actual offices in Bogotá, Cali & Buenaventura, CCG provides objective advice and assistance to organizations operating in Colombia. CCG offer expert solutions, recognizing that each challenge is unique. Its objective is to enable our clients to conduct business successfully through the adoption of robust risk management structures and intelligence solutions.

In comparing CCG with other big name detective agencies Kroll, Inc., Control Risks Group etc, we have found that Crisis Control Group, LLC is the only risk management firm with actual offices in the country of Colombia contrary to project or representative offices used by the other big firms. CCG’s offices can be found as far as Buenaventura, keeping in mind that this is the biggest maritime port in the country.

Contact Information

Global Headquarters
801 Brickell Ave
9th Fl
Miami, FL 33140