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Stanley Crossick

Crossick is a corporate lobbyist in Brussels who specialises in providing his clients with inside information about the European Union and Parliament. He also fascilitiates lobbying access to key European players; in the formation of coalitions of industries willing to work together to achieve political outcomes; and in running conferences and forums.

His main vehicles are a group of businesses using the Belmont name ((Belmont European Community Office, Belmont European Community Law Office, and Belmont European Policy Centre), although the most successful of them is a think-tank/lobby shop under the name European Policy Centre. This organisation has close links to the UK Institute for Economic Affairs and its offshoot the European Science and Environment Forum (now defunct) which was run by Roger Bate for the tobacco industry.

Stanley Crossick and his wife Elizabeth, have also provided information, lobbying and conference services to British-American Tobacco (BAT) [1]. He was used by them to promote the idea (into the European Union) that cost-benefit analysis must play a part in health and environmental regulation -- that governments must show that the costs of regulation is justified by the benefits produced. Adding this as a mandated requirement puts control of health regulation into the hands of economists, rather than relying on the judgement of biomedical scientists and politicians.

Crossick worked for BAT on mounting a major Risk Assessment Forum in the 1990s, thus creating a coalition of companies interested in undermining health and environmental regulation efforts in Europe.

He is a solicitor who has specialised for most of his life in administration of trade organisations and lobbying efforts. This provides him with the contacts he needs. His positions were with:

  • the American Chamber of Commerce EC Committee (Senior Vice-Chairman),
  • European Secretariat of the Liberal, Independent and Social Professions (President),
  • International Union of Lawyers (Honorary Vice-President),
  • Consultative Council of the Bars and Law Societies of the European Community (Dept Sec-General), and
  • International Union of Lawyers (Sec-General)