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Crow Nation CFB was a proposed coal-fired power plant to be built on the Crow Agency Native American Reservation located outside of Billings, Montana. In June of 2006 the Crow Nation and the Westmoreland Coal Company met with EPA officials to begin preliminary discussions about a 2000 MW circular fluidized bed (CFB) coal-fired power plant. No subsequent discussions have taken place since and the EPA has not received an air permit application.[1] Westmoreland Resources owns the land and the Crow Nation owns the coal beneath the surface that would be mined.[2]

As of January 2010, the Sierra Club reported that no air permit application had been yet to be submitted for the project, and Sierra concluded that it had been abandoned.[3]

Project Details

Sponsor: Crow Nation and Westmoreland Coal Company
Location: Crow Agency
Capacity: 2000 MW
Type: Circulating Fluidized Bed (CFB)
Status: Cancelled

Citizen Groups



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