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D. J. Wood was a researcher at the Group Research and Development Centre for British-American Tobacco Co. Ltd. in Southampton, England (1975, 1976).


Wood is the author of Project Wheat parts 1 & 2. Project Wheat was Brown & Williamson Tobacco Corporation's marketing study that advocated making higher-nicotine cigarettes to satisfy smokers with a high "inner need" for nicotine.(Atl. J. 6/23/94) Project Wheat--Part 1: "Cluster Profiles of U.K. Male Smokers and their General Smoking Habits," dated July 10, 1975, was authored by D. J. Wood and E. B. Wilkes of the Group Research and Development Centre, British-American Tobacco Co. Ltd., Southampton, England.(Project Wheat 1 7/10/75) Project Wheat--Part 2: "U. K. Male Smokers: Their Reactions to Cigarettes of Different Nicotine Delivery as Influenced by Inner Need," dated January 30, 1976, was authored by D. J. Wood.

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