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Damien Coory is the founder and managing director of Coory & Associates, a PR company that specialises in media training, issues management and crisis management. Coory is based in Hong Kong while his firm also has a one-person office in Sydney. [1]

Coory is also a Director of Edelman Public Relations Worldwide's Hong Kong office, [2] a position he commenced in August 2004.

Between 1999 and 2003 Coory worked for Hill and Knowlton. He was the "Director Crisis and Issues Management" in the Melbourne office of Hill & Knowlton Australia until late 2003 and then worked for the firm in its Hong Kong office. [3]

Coory had also worked as a senior news reporter with Network Ten Australia before the 2000 Olympics in Sdney. He had worked in radio for ten years prior to that and "hosted and produced a prime-time daily current affairs program on Brisbane 's Radio 4BC, part of Australia's leading commercial radio news network. He has also worked as a prime time news anchor and editor for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, a producer at Independent Radio News' ( London ) international desk and spent two years as Brisbane News Director for Australia's Triple M FM Radio network." [4]

Internal Document

  • Greg Ray and Damian Coory, ""S11" Protest Brief", Hill & Knowlton, September 2000. (This is a leaked Hill & Knowlton Crisis Communications pitch to Australian businesses ahead of the September 11 2000 protests against the World Economic Forum meeting in Melbourne. The cover note was by Greg Ray, the Managing Director of the Melbourne office and the "brief" was by Damien Coory, "Director Crisis and Issues Management, Hill & Knowlton, Melbourne".)

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