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Dan McGinn is CEO of The McGinn Group, a Washington D.C.-based PR firm specialising in reputation management. In a biographical note, McGinn states that he has a "client base of Fortune 500 companies and other elite organizations." [1]

A February 2007 biographical note touting McGinn to the media ahead of the screening of a special on risk by John Stossel states that "Dan and his team have had include environmental issues for Texaco, Y2K for IBM, air contamination issues for the EPA, natural disasters for the Red Cross, and obesity for the beverage industry." [2] (pdf)

McGinn started Ryan-McGinn in 1987, which was sold to the Interpublic Group in 1998. In 2001 he founded The McGinn Group. [3] His February 2007 biographical note states that prior to setting up his PR firm McGinn "worked for 15 years on Capitol Hill for several members of Congress and the Ways and Means Committee."

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