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Semi-hinged slightly psycho Nazis

In a June 4 WSJ column, he wrote (emphasis added):

What each of these events [Fahrenheit 9/11, an Al Gore's speech, and The Day After Tomorrow] has [sic] in common is that they are not quite normal. They were launched from a wing of Democratic politics that has drifted into what one might call the political paranormal. The participants in the political paranormal share a slightly psycho desire to remove George Bush from the presidency.
... the New York Times carried a story saying some Democrats prefer Mr. Gore's semi-hinged political style (my descriptor, not the Times') to John Kerry's too decorous style of politics.
Roland Emmerich [director of The Day After Tomorrow, by contrast, is a propagandist on a Riefenstahlian scale.

David Brock, "Wall Street Journal editor: Bush opponents "slightly psycho"", Media Matters for America, June 7, 2004.

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