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Dave Barrows & Associates is an Oregon, U.S. lobbying company.

According to a 1993 internal budget review document for the Philip Morris group of companies, the company had a preliminary line item budget of $36,000.

Explaining the allocation, the document stated "Dave Barrows is the principal of the firm and he was retained to represent KGF in the 1993 legislative session and regulatory follow-up, primarily for the purpose of achieving the legislative relief for KGF from meeting the rigid plastic container provisions of the 'rates and dates' law, SB66. Mr Barrows is regarded as the 'Dean of the lobbying corps' in Oregon and is experienced, well-respected and well-liked by members of the legislature. His work has been instrumental to our successful efforts to delay SB66". [1]

(KGF was the Kraft General Foods division of Philip Morris).

Contact details

1201 SW 12th Avenue
Suite 200
Portland, OR 97205
Phone: (503) 227-5591
Fax: (503) 227-1781
Email: dbarrows AT davebarrows.com

External link

Philip Morris, "Corporate Affairs: corporate cost review, Bates No 2046996735, July 1993 (estimated), page 4

  1. Commission Roster, Public Commission on the Oregon Legislature, accessed February 2008.