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Biographical Details

"David N. Edger is the founder of 3CI Consulting LLC, an internai onal consuli ng fi rm specializing in counter-terrorism preparedness for industry, corporate intelligence, and due diligence investigations. Mr. Edger holds appointments as a professor in the College of Public Health and as an instructor of political science at the University of Oklahoma. Additionally, he is the Director for National Securities Studies for the Memorial Institute for the Prevention of Terrorism.

"Mr. Edger retired at er 35 years with the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency. Serving for many years abroad as an operai ons officer, he also headed several CIA installations around the world. During his i me in Washington, Mr. Edger served as the Associate Deputy Director for Operai ons, the second ranking posii on in the directorate of operai ons, where he supervised the worldwide operai ons of the Nai onal Clandesi ne Service. He received the CIA’s highest award, the Disi nguished Intelligence Medal, for his work in that posii on." [1]

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