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David Jamieson, Ph.D., Chief Scientist, American Environics Group.

"Prior to joining Environics, Dr. Jamieson worked for both Decima Research and for Thompson-Lightstone & Company Ltd... Prior to his public affairs and marketing research career, he was an academic in the Department of Psychology at McMaster University, studying and teaching attitude theory and practice. In that capacity he published a number of laboratory and survey research-based articles and book chapters on social attitudes. Dr. Jamieson serves as chief analyst for Environics' international 3SC Social Values Surveys, and was part of the team with Michael Adams that produced the book, Better Happy Than Rich? Canadians, Money and The Meaning of Life, and Fire and Ice: The Myth of Converging Values.

"Dr. Jamieson has done research for a number of government departments/ministries at all levels, concentrating on public policy segmentation to aid communications. His corporate work includes customer, employee, and business-to-business research for major financial institutions, software houses, telecommunications firms, automobile companies, pharmaceutical concerns, marketing boards, beverage manufacturers, and various industry associations and other bodies (e.g., the Canadian Chamber of Commerce; the Canadian Bankers Association). Recently, he has also offered expert legal testimony in matter of copyright infringement.“ [1]

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