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David Johns "has been involved in large-scale conservation work since helping to found the Wildlands Projects and the Y2Y Conservation Initiative. Much of his work has been focused on bringing together science and advocacy to protect and restore wide-ranging species and whole landscapes. Trained as a political scientist and in the law he has also worked with groups throughout North America, in Australia, Asia, Africaand Latin Americas, to increase active support for conservation through better communication and organization. He has published and spoken widely on conservation strategy, values and vision. David teaches politics and law in the School of Governmentat Portland State University. David received the 2007 Denver Zoological Foundation Conservation Award for his contributions to large-scale conservation and his writing. Once in a while David is able to leave the meeting rooms where he spends too much time, and hike the deserts of the Great Basin and the trails of the Rockies, or float western rivers. He lives in the foothills of the Oregon Coast Range." [1]


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