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David Kelly was a scientist who worked for the UK government, on various issues related to bioweapons. He was part of the team that did UN weapons inspections of Iraq.

In 2002, he acted as an advisor on what is now known as the 'September Dossier', and seems to have been unhappy about certain aspects of the report.

In May/June 2003, BBC journalist Andrew Gilligan reported that an anonymous source had told him that the claims, notably one that Iraq had WMDs ready for deployment 'within 45 minutes' had been 'sexed up' for publication, and blamed Downing Street. Downing Street were absolutely furious, and Alistair Campbell, the director of communications, engaged in a blaze of publicity to try to set the record straight, as he saw it.

It later emerged that the leak was David Kelly. He came to the government saying it might be him, and the government then 'leaked' his name to the press by confirming it when asked - one paper had a list of 20 names. In July 2003 he was summoned to a private session of a Select Committee investigating the dossier, and gave testimony. He said he did not think he could be the sole source for the story. Three days later, on July 17th, 2003, Kelly was found dead. The inquest recorded suicide.

The Hutton Inquiry was set up to investigate the death.

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"John Barnabas Leith, of the Ba'hai faith, to which Dr Kelly had become an adherent, told the hearing that, contrary to some reports, the faith did not condone suicide. However, he continued, "We have sympathy for those who had taken their own lives and pray for the progress of their souls. As we are praying for Dr Kelly"." [1] BBC report

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