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David E. Lowe "is the Vice President for Government and External Relations at the National Endowment for Democracy (NED), a U.S. foundation that promotes democracy in over ninety countries around the world. In this capacity he heads the President's Office, which is responsible for outreach to Capitol Hill, as well as the Endowment's government and media relations, publications, events, and Board-related activities. Lowe also oversees the operation of the World Movement for Democracy, a global initiative that brings together democratic activists from around the world through the Internet and periodic World Assemblies for mutual support and cooperation, and the Center for International Media Assistance, a new initiative that seeks to strengthen U.S. support for independent media abroad. He is also the liaison to NED's general counsel and to the New York Democracy Forum, a joint project of the Endowment and the Foreign Policy Association.

"Lowe joined the Endowment in 1989, having served previously as an official in the national office of the Anti-Defamation League and a member of the political science faculty at Drew University. At Drew, he served as Director of the University's off-campus programs in Washington and London. While in the latter role, he was a frequent speaker for the U.S. Information Agency in Europe and the United Kingdom.

"Lowe holds M.A. and PhD. degrees from Johns Hopkins and a B.A. from Brandeis. He has been an adjunct faculty member at George Washington University's Graduate School of Political Management and a lecturer on the U.S. Congress for the Graduate School of the U.S. Department of Agriculture." [1]

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